Don’t Forget Those Closest…

My family…

I get swept away easily in my work, day to day life and my passion for understanding this longing for connection and connecting between people in the community.  What I must be mindful of always, is that the most important connections we have are with those closest to us…our families.  In my case, it is a ‘typical’ family, a beautiful wife Jody, amazing daughter Rhiannon, hilarious son Kade and my unborn baby Eliot (due in February).  For others, family may not look like this ‘typical’ set up, as their exists countless, beautifully diverse variations on what makes a family.  Everyone knows who there family is, however, and it is paramount that we are connected with them, appreciate them and love them for all they are and do for us.

In my particular situation, my family supports my atypical work schedule.  I bounce from day to day with varying long and unpredictable hours.  On top of this, I travel for work, a piece I truly love as I get to share and learn with people all over the world, yet it puts stress on those I’m closest to.  So in this space today, I want to say thank you to my core support group.  Jody, specifically, understands me on a level nobody else does.

My best friend and biggest support…

She bears the brunt of my work load, and does so with exceptional grace.  I find myself wondering how I’d be if the shoe were on the other foot.  She supports my ideas, my passions, my projects and buys into immersing our family into this practice of welcoming and connection with all people involved in our lives. I am overwhelmed by her.


As for Rhiannon, Kade and Eliot, my hope is that as they grow and begin to understand what daddy is doing whilst at work and on the road…that they embrace my belief that our communities, our neighborhoods, truly are better together.


I hope that they grow up understanding that everything I do is made possible by their love and that in turn, I am living my life for them.  I hope that  whatever path they choose to walk, that it is rooted in this belief that all people need connection with others and that they value the good in all people.


Today I reflect about my family and I am filled with gratitude.  Thank you Jody.  Thank you Rhiannon.  Thank you Kade.  Thank you Eliot. I am able to chase my dreams, my vision for our life, because my core family loves and supports me.  They are the seeds to my growth, and in return I must be mindful to water them always.



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9 responses to “Don’t Forget Those Closest…

  1. June Zoul

    What a beautiful story……James and I enjoyed seeing these photos of your family, Kirk. You are so blessed, as we are, by knowing you.

  2. Jody

    We love you and support you always!

  3. Beautiful Kirk – in so many ways! Thank you for a wonderful reminder.

    See you soon,


  4. Liesel Smoyer

    What a beautiful family you have Kirk…

  5. “everything I do is made possible by their love” << this is gorgeous, Kirk. I am sure that they understand it… and you're so right, it's easy to get swept up. I have to remind myself that no matter what great connections I'm fostering in neighborhoods or communities, if I'm not being a loving and connected daughter, sister, roommate, friend, that other work is not authentic.

    This makes me think of my mentor, Diasaku Ikeda. With many responsibilities such as an international network of lay Buddhist practitioners, developing relations with forward-thinking leaders in all fields around the world, and minding a business, he was often travelling and unable to spend the time he wanted with his family. But, the time he did spend, he was completely there, and always found thoughtful ways to let the children and his wife know he was thinking about them on his journeys.

    Now that they've grown, his sons say how grateful for that time because they could always feel his deep love and hopes for him when he WAS with them… and also that they feel fortunate to have had a great model for a father of someone who is dedicated to a great vision for society

    I also want to thank your family for supporting you, because you have inspired me a ton since we met in Toronto, and really added to my own practice and perspective of community and living in it.


  6. Love it Kirk. This really resonates with me and my family. Thanks for the post! -Peter

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