All Together Now

Though Kirk and I both do a lot of work (and share friendships) with amazing people who have labels of disability, we don’t often write a lot specifically about that in this blog. We are both using our posts to explore wider aspects of community and connection and this focus has not yet emerged here…

This week I read a post which I want to share with you all. Our friend Tim Vogt wrote a wonderful piece in his own blog about John O’ Brien and Connie Lyle O’Brien’s Five Valued Experiences. I use the Five Valued Experiences in my work a lot, and increasingly notice how the aspirations I have for my own life fit into these dimensions. I think the examples Tim gives really brings some of these ideas to life, and his post is relevant to us all. It is relevant for us to think about the Five Valued Experiences in terms of our own lives. I also believe that everyone if in our communities takes a shared responsibility for welcoming people who may be at risk of segregation, we would all have richer, more diverse, more wonderful lives!

I hope you enjoy reading and watching…


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