“From Below, Not Above”

Before we introduce this week’s blog link, we have AMAZING news!  Co-author and co-creator of this here blog, Linda Keys, along with her partner Alan MacFarlane, welcomed their son Findlay into the world on Saturday evening, May 4.  In a text she wrote, “Our beautiful wonderful son Findlay Keys MacFarlane, was born last night, May 4 at 8:21pm at home in water.  Weight 8 lbs, 11 ounces. It was the most perfect home birth I could have ever imagined.  His transition to the outside world was gentle and calm.  Auntie Jenny made it here in time.  We are all incredibly well and happy.”  Congratulations Linda and Alan on the birth of Findlay!! Findlay is blessed to have you as parents!  Now on with the show…

This week we are honored to provide you with a link to a dear friend’s blog, April Doner.  She is based out of Indianapolis and is a brilliant writer, photographer and graphic facilitator.  On her site she writes: “Through Aprilart Studios, I work as a “Roving Illustrator” to tell stories of abundance and the power of people acting together in community.”  April truly lives the practice of welcoming and storytelling.  In her piece, “From Below, Not Above”, April walks you through her mind, heart and neighborhood while exploring our desire for connection.

Here is a tiny taste of what you will read when you travel to April’s site:  “…we don’t have to be heroes or accredited experts to shift the culture and reality in our neighborhoods, communities and world–from isolation, segregation, and feelings of scarcity to connectedness, inclusion and the joyful, active, concrete knowledge of the abundance that lies within these places (and ourselves).  We just need a moment of pause to let that healthy hunger for knowing emerge–and, maybe a little bit of courage, born from encouragement or inspiration from other “connectors,” to take even the tiniest step forward and act on it.”

Now follow this link and enjoy!



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