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My Integrity Gap…


Back in January 2013, while facilitating a workshop in Scotland with  Beth Gallagher, Peter Leidy, Heather Simmons and our lovely hosts from EDG (Linda Keys, Stephen Coulson, Helen Wright),  the concept of our Integrity Gap smacked me across the face.  Presented to Heather by John O’Brien a few months prior to the workshop, she decided to share it and pay it forward to our group.  Ever since learning about this concept, we’ve been sharing it with our employees in San Diego with Life Works at orientation and with others we run into while facilitating workshops wherever we travel. Continue reading



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The Art of Asking

This week we link in a TED talk given by Amanda Palmer.  I love her story and approach as a musician.  It is hard to ask for help.  It is even more difficult to accept the help.  We speak about the power and beauty of vulnerability  on this blog, and here, Amanda Palmer eloquently addresses vulnerability through the art of asking.  The connection she lives with her fans across the world is a reminder of how important we are too each other.   Her description of the dialogue that took place between her and people who watched her perform on the streets, just through prolonged eye contact, is riveting.  Her trust in people is amazing, something to strive for in our day to day lives.


Take a quick 13 minute break and enjoy Amanda’s talk.  Simply beautiful…



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Sometimes it sneaks up on you…

Families gather...

Families gather…

On Monday of last week, my family attended the end of the year St. Mark’s Pre School family gathering.  Upon arriving at the park, we  set out our blanket and briskly followed our kids to the adjacent playground for a quick swing session.  Minutes passed and the sea of children and families swelled.  Familiar faces all around, as this is our third year of sending at least one of our kids to the pre school.  New faces appeared throughout the evening, depending on the tide. Continue reading

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In Order to Change the Community, We Must Change the Soil

This week we’ve linked in a TED Talk given by Ron Finley.  Ron Finley is an activist in South Central Los Angeles.  He started an organization comprised of volunteers that plant gardens in vacant lots across South Central Los Angeles.  His passion rests in educating kids and community members about food and a healthy way of eating.  His philosophy is beautiful, simple, real and impactful.  Take the time to watch this ten minute talk.  Have a great week everyone!


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