The Art of Asking

This week we link in a TED talk given by Amanda Palmer.  I love her story and approach as a musician.  It is hard to ask for help.  It is even more difficult to accept the help.  We speak about the power and beauty of vulnerability  on this blog, and here, Amanda Palmer eloquently addresses vulnerability through the art of asking.  The connection she lives with her fans across the world is a reminder of how important we are too each other.   Her description of the dialogue that took place between her and people who watched her perform on the streets, just through prolonged eye contact, is riveting.  Her trust in people is amazing, something to strive for in our day to day lives.


Take a quick 13 minute break and enjoy Amanda’s talk.  Simply beautiful…




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2 responses to “The Art of Asking

  1. Michele Banks

    Very powerful indeed! Love Amanda Palmer, her message and her authenticity!

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