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Keeping the gratitude flowing…especially for Linda Keys

As has been my intention as of late, especially here on this space, I’ve been sending my gratitude to those in my life whom fill me up in wonderful ways.  Back in July, while attending the Toronto Summer Institute, the co-author of this blog, Linda Keys, surprised me with a post of gratitude for me.  Back home in Ratho, being a mom to her newborn baby boy, Linda wrote and posted a piece while supposedly on a writing hiatus.   It was an overwhelmingly meaningful piece for me to read.  The back-story to the surprising nature of the post is this:  for those who follow this blog, you are well aware that Linda gave birth to her son Findlay back in the Spring.   Continue reading



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Checking in…

Well, I observed, observed, observed, as promised. So, here are some early reflections on my two weeks of pondering setting up a community feast in Ratho

1.  People are kind. I actually already knew this (clever me, eh?!) but it really is starker when you are nervous about something and everyone is supportive and lovely about it. Messages of support came via Facebook, from friends in the village, and in the response of the local Community Development Worker. Continue reading


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The Science of Happiness…

Back in July, I found myself sitting at “a table for one at the Gratitude Cafe“.  Remember that?  I’ve been particularly interested in the idea of intentionally sending my gratitude out to people in my life whom I love dearly and/or have the opportunity to meet and form relationships with.  I know this is important to me and I know that it has profoundly affected my life in positive ways. Continue reading


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Feel the fear and do it anyway?

Ach, ok, ok, I’ll write about it…

All week I have wondered what I could post for this week’s blog, trying to turn half-baked ideas into … baked ones. Seeking out a TED talk as a last resort, I couldn’t find the link I wanted, as though it had disappeared. That was my sign, that it is time to write this post. It’s ok, I haven’t procrastinated because I have any big confession to make. It isn’t a post with very long words or difficult concepts. It is just a post which commits me to action. I know what is needed to act and I know I have what I need. It’s just easier and less scary not to. Continue reading


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