Keeping the gratitude flowing…especially for Linda Keys

As has been my intention as of late, especially here on this space, I’ve been sending my gratitude to those in my life whom fill me up in wonderful ways.  Back in July, while attending the Toronto Summer Institute, the co-author of this blog, Linda Keys, surprised me with a post of gratitude for me.  Back home in Ratho, being a mom to her newborn baby boy, Linda wrote and posted a piece while supposedly on a writing hiatus.   It was an overwhelmingly meaningful piece for me to read.  The back-story to the surprising nature of the post is this:  for those who follow this blog, you are well aware that Linda gave birth to her son Findlay back in the Spring.  Behind the scenes, I agreed to help carry the posting of the blog so Linda could center her focus around the birth and care of her beautiful wee boy.  I gave my blessing for her to take as much time as she needed and that I’d do my best to keep things rolling without her…something I feared I’d be unable to do.

So when her post appeared in July, it filled me with love and support.  Since then, I and the rest of you loyal readers, have been blessed to see her musings once again.  For me, it was an epiphany unexpected.  Look, I already consider Linda to be brilliant and a wonderful friend, but having been solo on this blog for a few months, and getting into a groove, I’d forgotten what her support meant to me.  I had forgotten how talented a writer she is and how much I valued hearing what she has to say.

Linda pushes me to be better.  The lens with which she chooses to look at the world is one I strive to use, though I feel I fail often at using.  Linda reminds me with every interaction and post, how much I value her existence in my life…and frankly, the lives of many others she blesses with her presence in their lives.  She carries herself with grace in situations that stretch most people beyond the capacity for grace.  She is mindful of people in ways I’d never think of…and does so with unheralded humility.  She is one of the more wise people I know, always able to get my head to turn to the side and question my own thoughts and actions with sound advice and thoughtful questions.  She also happens to be quite hilarious!!  Ridiculously hilarious!!!

Partners in blogging!

Partners in blogging!

It is well worth it for me to send this post of gratitude to Linda this week.  I apologize to any readers or followers whom I’ve just bored for the past few minutes of reading, but I owe this fantastic journey of blogging to my partner in blogging.  As we are well into our 2nd year of blogging, and approaching 100 followers (wow, that is beyond my wildest expectations), I’d like to say thank you Linda.  You are a true friend.  You are damn funny.  You are a beautiful human being and you are simply brilliant.

With love and respect,




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3 responses to “Keeping the gratitude flowing…especially for Linda Keys

  1. Stella

    Yep, Linda is all that to me too! Thanks for the post – hope Linda has a box of tissues handy… 🙂

  2. Joy

    Tis true, she’s a spectacular human being. Xoxo

  3. Thank you, lovely people! Linda x

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