Creative connections…

A while back, a friend of mine living in New York City, posted a link to this project on his FaceBook page.  I remember being blown away with the idea, but having no time to really digest it.  I immediately bookmarked it and have recently taken a look back at what caught my attention so significantly at first glance.

Figuring out creative ways to make an invitation to the people surrounding me  scratches at the roof of my mouth incessantly.  I struggle with getting over myself, my busyness and my insecurities as a means to moving forward with what I know to be an incredibly beautiful part of my life…being connected to my neighbors.  I go through periods where my energy and effort in this area wains…and for my work, trying to help folks get connected, I struggle with the “how” questions.  “How do I meet my neighbors?  How do I invite others to get to know me and, in turn, know them?”

We speak about invitation being paramount in our quest for connection, but coming up with different forms of invitation is challenging.  When I viewed this project, the stark reminder of the vast creativity of human beings filled me with hope.  It reminded me about this fact…people all over are trying to connect.  People crave connection.  People are waiting for an invitation, and some people are coming up with incredible ways to invite.

Below I’ve linked a piece that goes behind the scenes with the Brooklyn filmmakers who facilitated this project. It is fascinating to hear about the genesis of this idea and how it manifested.  Maybe we can try replicating something similar in our neighborhoods. Maybe this can spark thoughts for other avenues to both create and connect.  Take the time to watch these two, very short, very inspiring clips.  I dare you  to try and snuff out the inner fire stoked for paying attention…


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