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Merry Tidings!

Dear friends,

I have focused my attention on my nearest dear ones the last few days, and confess I forgot to post my festive wishes!

I hope, however you are spending this week, that it is full of joy, love, and a strong sense of belonging. I hope that you find peace amid the chaos, and contentment as well as delight. Whatever you believe, whatever your culture, whatever you celebrate, I wish you all good things for 2014. May all YOUR wishes come true.

Thank you once more for the support you have shown Kirk and I during 2013.

With warm thoughts,
Linda x


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A Warm Reminder…

Peering out of our descending aircraft this past Wednesday, my eyes gazed a scene unfamiliar to me…snow, ice and bitter cold.



Landing in Chicago for the 2013 TASH Conference, ready to meet up with old friends and colleagues, as well as meet new friends, I was unaware of the physical reminder I’d walk in and out of all week…reminding me of why we named this blog Come In From The Cold. Being from San Diego, the streets don’t look like, and certainly don’t feel like this. Continue reading


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It Takes a Village

Last week was a bit of a milestone week for me. With a six month old son who won’t take a bottle and has only recently started on solid food, I was to attend a three-day training course. It was one of these opportunities that I knew I had to take, but it was going to mean pulling in favours from all directions. Alan (my partner) didn’t have enough holidays to cover the full three days so we had to cast the net a bit wider for babysitters. I sent an email to immediate family and one very dear friend and within hours the days were covered. My parents would do the first day, Stella (my friend) the second, and Alan the third. I know that it was exciting for the grandparents and a family friend to finally get Findlay to themselves but it was still quite an undertaking, especially when he had to brought to me at least once a day for a feed.

"OK Gran, let's do this."

“OK Gran, let’s do this.”

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Every Day Is A Gift

Here in the states, Thanksgiving Day came and went.  As I evolve, my belief is that this particular holiday offers an opportunity for people to embrace gratitude.  If you’ve been a follower of this blog, you’ll know I believe sending out your gratitude every day is something to aim for…but is not always reached (certainly for me).  In this short film by Louie Schwartzberg, through his brilliant photography and cinematography, he captures the gifts surrounding us each and every day.  He invites us to treat every day as if it were our ‘first day of life and last day of life’…and if we approach each day like this, ‘then it will really be a good day.’  Take 6 minutes to watch this film and try not to have an ear-to-ear smile emerge within the first 30 seconds and stay throughout the film.

I repeat these words internally daily, externally almost daily and practice them as best I can (which is certainly not daily).  Relentless positivity is the foundation of Come In From The Cold, a value Linda and I agreed on at the genesis of this adventure.  This short film encompasses just that…and as he says in the film, ‘every day is a gift.’

Be well my friends…

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