Is Writing Selfish?: What I learned from two years of blogging

“To me, connection, however fleeting, is what life is all about.”

I came across this lovely blog because the author started following Come In From The Cold. Thank you, Lightning Droplets! The title of this piece caught my interest because of the years I spent involved in community arts, and my frequent fear of self-indulgence if the ‘art’ bit took a greater focus than the ‘community’ bit.

I love the idea that writing is a means of connection, and totally agree. I hope you enjoy this post!

Lightning Droplets

Two years ago, I started a blog.  I was scared.  I had spent the better part of my adult life running away from writing.  In an attempt to cover up this fear, I had told myself that writing was just selfish.  Why did I think that what I had to say needed to be heard by other people?  What did I have to share that the world needed to hear?  I’m no expert in anything.  And really, isn’t writing really just narcissistic and self-centered?

But there was always this little voice inside me, this little part of me that felt unfulfilled when I wasn’t writing.  I travelled the world, teaching and volunteering in developing countries, devoted myself to helping people learn and grow.  I had the most amazing adventures and there was still something that was missing.

“If money were no object and you didn’t care about what people thought…

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