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Community Cafe, Friday (My First Haiku)

Babies on laps, we

Keep hot tea out of reach.

Outside, snowdrops bloom.


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Ramble On…

From time to time here on this space, posts on other fantastic blogs, pieces written by amazingly gifted people, the question of whether social media facilitates more connection or more disconnection, is raised.  As a blogger, and someone who leans toward the side of ‘more connection’, I utilize social media for what I perceive to be ‘good’.

Albert and Madalyn

Albert and Madalyn

In our constant quest Continue reading


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A Song of Joy

Image by Eoin Carey

This week’s post takes the form of a letter to four brilliant performers (one of whom is also a friend) whose show I went to see this week. Apologies if specific references lose or confuse any readers. Please bear with me…

Dear Drew, Kieran, Julia and Gav,

Last night I came to see Rantin. Thank you.

Thank you for creating a piece of entertainment which really mattered; a performance which I panicked about halfway through. My panic was this: how can we make sure that everyone in Scotland sees this? Especially, how can we make sure that every young person in Scotland sees this? Continue reading

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The Year Ago Gift…

A year ago, yesterday, we were blessed with the birth of our 3rd child, a daughter, Eliot Dawn. I wrote about the experience of having the opportunity to welcome her into the world in our own home, with the help of midwives, around this time last year. To read this post again, or for the first time:  Eliot Dawn arrives with a lesson…

Wall of Eliot...

Wall of Eliot…

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