“It Just Has To Stick…”

Our good friend, Sheldon Schwitek, posted this TED talk to Linda and I on Facebook a couple of weeks ago…specifically because he thought it resonates with our blog.  Little did he know I would repost it…muahahahahahahaha!!!!!  In all seriousness, it is being reposted because it is brilliant (Thanks Sheldon…so are you!).


I’m thankful for having been exposed to this talk, and will be reading Scott Ginsberg’s book soon, due to the clarity with which it brings to the notion I’ve been carrying for quite some time now…how do I marry my personal life, with my professional life?  In my mind, if I can get to a place where my personal and professional lives mirror each other, or rather, are one in the same, then I’ve reached a place where true peace is found.  Or at least that is what I believe.  Many a book, philosopher and savvy business people state: ‘the road to true happiness is to be who you are’.  Well in this TED Talk, “What’s In A Name Tag?” Scott Ginsburg walks us through his process of being who he is as a way to approach his entire life…both personally and professionally.  He says, “The way I see it, if I’m just being myself all the time, nobody can ever tell me I’m doing it wrong.”  How brilliant!!

Scott goes on to say “Focus isn’t about doing one thing all your life, it’s about doing many things, one way, all your life.”  And boom goes the dynamite!!  I’m grateful for the path I’ve been set upon and continue to walk.  I’m grateful to have exposure to people who share similar philosophies on life. I’m grateful for friends all over the world who share these amazing people.  I’m grateful for all of you who support this here blog!!  Enjoy this TED Talk…it is absolutely worth your time!!

Oh and I’ve included a photo  below that has nothing to do with the above piece…because I can do whatever I want and nobody can tell me I’m doing it wrong!!!!!


Kade at sunset...

Kade at sunset…



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