Dear friends, this post goes up late because I just lost track of the days! I am relaxing with my family, and thought it was still Sunday. Isn’t that lovely? But still, sorry for my tardiness.

As we approach our second birthday Kirk and I, or ‘The Management’ as he wryly terms us, are taking stock. So we will be back with you in June with some fresh new ponderings. In the meantime, we would like to point you back to some of our pieces from the first year of Come In From The Cold posts. We will take it in turn to link you back to some favourites of one another’s writing. I just very much enjoyed rereading Kirk’s post, ‘Only three percent? It’s a start…’ I am sure you will enjoy revisiting it too! I know Kirk has done a lot of work on getting to know his neighbours better, so committing himself here clearly paid off. Here’s a little quote from his piece, which seems like a motif for life: ” I have a real sense of where I need to go, and it’s next door!”

Have a good week, friends!


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