Welcome Back…to the original post from Linda!!

Through our reflecting, pondering and wondering of where we are headed with Come In From The Cold, I journeyed back to Linda’s original post, THE FIRST post, of this blog. Click here and take a look back at: The best welcome I ever got.  In it, you’ll find gems like:  “In a group of friends as established as this one there is inevitably a lexicon of inside jokes which could potentially alienate a newcomer, but this group of folk made sure I was included.”  This reminds me of how Judith Snow describes that with any vibrant, well-connected community of people, and natural ‘edge’ will form.  What makes a community inclusive, is to have ‘a welcome at your edge’.


Read on dear followers!!  We are close to posting new material!!  So for now, enjoy our favorites from the past!

The best welcome I ever got


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