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Over a hundred posts ago, we managed to find a way to create a method of partnering in our shared interests, despite living on different continents. We founded what became a forum for some of the questions we have, an outlet for some of our ‘ponderings’ and ideas, and a context for connecting with others interested in community, welcome, friendship, and inclusion. That is (was) Come In From The Cold.

And now we feel we have reached a natural ending. We revisited our direction a few months ago, and that brought forth some clarity and purpose. But during the last month we have both felt the ending reveal itself to us. This week we had a very fun Skype conversation and committed to put Come In From The Cold to bed.

Happy faces!

Happy faces!

We didn’t make the decision lightly. We have loved this space, and feel enormous gratitude for the support and encouragement you have offered us. But we did make the decision easily. It is just time, and it feels good and satisfying to recognise that and respond. We want a dignified end for a thing we love. ~Linda


A burgeoning partnership/friendship...What I’ve learned, and continue to be open to (as pushed by brilliant teachers, mentors, partners and friends I’ve been blessed with) is the notion of co-creation.  First off, if we remain open as we interact with the world around us, give of ourselves in totality to those we come across and interface with in life, what emerges are fascinating opportunities.  July 2012, Linda and I were open to a new friendship and partnership.  Many a conversation about our lives in our own places, our work, our core values, our ethos and our families, led us to a cross-continental project that has been this blog for the past 2 1/2 years.  Come In From The Cold pushed me to remain open, to allow for evolution of mind and spirit, and gave me a forum to speak my voice, share my thoughts and ask questions that remain unanswered.  Linda in particular, pushed me, and still pushes me, to be as authentic a human as possible.

Good people reading this now and who have supported us from day one…I’m overwhelmed by the amount of love and support you have poured onto us during this project.  We never imagined the amount of love we would feel from doing this, let alone anyone really wanting to read and/or listen.  It’s been an incredible journey and we aren’t done yet!!  This closes a chapter, but from this, a new beginning (as Linda aptly named this post) is born in our partnership.  Stay tuned…but don’t hold your breath, it may be a while 🙂   Sending my love and gratitude to you all!!  ~Kirk

Partners in blogging!

Partners in blogging!



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A poem by my favourite poet

The Picnic

In a little rainy mist of white and grey
we sat under an old tree,
drank tea toasts to the powdery mountain,
undrunk got merry, played catch
with the empty flask, on the pine needles
came down to where it rolled stealthily away – 
you lay
with one arm in the rain, laughing
shaking only your wet hair
loose against the grass, in that enchanted place
of tea, with curtains of a summer rain
dropped round us, for a rainy day.

- Edwin Morgan

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