We are pleased you have found this blog!  We will be putting out a new post every Monday and we encourage you to visit ‘Our Mission’ as well to read a bit about the intention behind this blog.

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2 responses to “About

  1. caroline

    Linda, I have just read your writing and have to say I resonate with all of it.
    Simple, powerful and coming from you, I know it will work!
    Sign me up!

  2. Angela

    You are such an inspiring woman Linda. I don’t have the pleasure of knowing Kirk but anyone who shares your views must be, like you, a pretty amazing person.
    I love the time banking ethos and started setting up a time-banking page a few months ago but done nothing with it as the realisation of how much work it would take to keep on top of it set in. Not enough hours in the day sometimes.
    Your post about the ‘most welcoming welcome’ has made me think about how i welcome new people into my life and on reflection think that it maybe something I need to work on. I think i spend so much time running around and not enough time ensuring that the people around me realise how much I appreciate them or am glad to see them. Your post has inspired me to do something about this !
    You are such a natural at making everyone around you feel wanted, and welcomed and that is an amazing gift.
    I love this blog, I hope you both continue to inspire the people around you.


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