Our Mission

Here is an exploration of deep connection and welcome. We will walk with, learn from, converse with, and listen to people and their stories from around the world – in communities that are all inherently abundant. We believe that where there are people, there is potential, there is treasure.

We begin with ourselves, hoping to discover what it takes to become the kind of person who can walk among others and really see them. We start small, cherishing the tiny communities that are our families. We make and accept invitations; we try to notice who might be missing, making and strengthening friendships, figuring out what helps us really belong to one another. We look beyond our front doors and wonder how to reach out with best effect.

Our lives become more meaningful when we feel interconnected with those living around us. This is a space where we transparently figure out how to do that better. We hope others will be inspired to join us in this ongoing learning journey. Our mission is to live our practice, learn from what others are experiencing, and share what we learn.

And as we each build our own vibrant, abundant community, we must always remember to have a welcome at the edge. A warm reception for newcomers and strangers, as if to say, come in from the cold.


4 responses to “Our Mission

  1. I love what you two are doing. I am very excited by your mission. I am highly impressed that you have gotten this blog going already. I am soooo looking forward to – seeing, hearing, learning from, sometimes being a part of – this journey you have begun! Courage and comfort to you as you bring warmth to us all!


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  3. Beth Gallagher

    Love the mission. It should be the mission of every single community member.

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