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Gardening Revisited…

seedlings appearing amongst more established plants

“Did I plant that?”

Back in the first month of existence for Come In From The Cold, Linda juxtaposed gardening with community building, specifically in her village of Ratho and her very own garden.  Journey back with us by reading 7 Thoughts on Gardening and LifeThe pictures beam vibrantly and the parallels weave in and out of the post beautifully.  This process of looking back is proving to be quite beneficial to us as we regain traction on where we were upon the inception of this space and where we are headed…we hope you don’t mind it too much 🙂

Remember to take care of each other and tend to your gardens!


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The Year Ago Gift…

A year ago, yesterday, we were blessed with the birth of our 3rd child, a daughter, Eliot Dawn. I wrote about the experience of having the opportunity to welcome her into the world in our own home, with the help of midwives, around this time last year. To read this post again, or for the first time:  Eliot Dawn arrives with a lesson…

Wall of Eliot...

Wall of Eliot…

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Every Day Is A Gift

Here in the states, Thanksgiving Day came and went.  As I evolve, my belief is that this particular holiday offers an opportunity for people to embrace gratitude.  If you’ve been a follower of this blog, you’ll know I believe sending out your gratitude every day is something to aim for…but is not always reached (certainly for me).  In this short film by Louie Schwartzberg, through his brilliant photography and cinematography, he captures the gifts surrounding us each and every day.  He invites us to treat every day as if it were our ‘first day of life and last day of life’…and if we approach each day like this, ‘then it will really be a good day.’  Take 6 minutes to watch this film and try not to have an ear-to-ear smile emerge within the first 30 seconds and stay throughout the film.

I repeat these words internally daily, externally almost daily and practice them as best I can (which is certainly not daily).  Relentless positivity is the foundation of Come In From The Cold, a value Linda and I agreed on at the genesis of this adventure.  This short film encompasses just that…and as he says in the film, ‘every day is a gift.’

Be well my friends…


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Tell me a good story

During my pregnancy and since the birth of my son, I have discovered a new community, a new ’cause’, which has become very important to me. I believe that our culture needs to address its approach to pregnancy and in particular, to birth. The fundamental need is for a truer representation of birth to be shared via word-of-mouth, the media, everywhere. Continue reading

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