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Creative connections…

A while back, a friend of mine living in New York City, posted a link to this project on his FaceBook page.  I remember being blown away with the idea, but having no time to really digest it.  I immediately bookmarked it and have recently taken a look back at what caught my attention so significantly at first glance.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFXp0TG8pco Continue reading

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Lessons learned from the chaos of the ceilidh

Some of you will know that it was my sister’s wedding celebration on Saturday night. Indeed, some of you were there! The celebration took place in the town where my parents live, in the beautiful Scottish Borders. But I would say only about 20% of the guests live in Scotland; the rest travelled – mostly from England, a couple from the Netherlands.

The party took the form of a ceilidh. For those of you not versed in this Scottish tradition, a modern ceilidh (pronounced “Kay-lee”) is an evening of Scottish Country Dancing. All over Scotland, we learn these dances at school during P.E./ gym lessons. I hated being forced to hold hands with horrible boys, despite loving the dances and even attending the odd evening Scottish Country Dancing class with my mum. I don’t mind holding hands with boys now (well, maybe except for the horrible ones) and my love of the ceilidh has only deepened over the years. Continue reading


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Keeping the gratitude flowing…especially for Linda Keys

As has been my intention as of late, especially here on this space, I’ve been sending my gratitude to those in my life whom fill me up in wonderful ways.  Back in July, while attending the Toronto Summer Institute, the co-author of this blog, Linda Keys, surprised me with a post of gratitude for me.  Back home in Ratho, being a mom to her newborn baby boy, Linda wrote and posted a piece while supposedly on a writing hiatus.   It was an overwhelmingly meaningful piece for me to read.  The back-story to the surprising nature of the post is this:  for those who follow this blog, you are well aware that Linda gave birth to her son Findlay back in the Spring.   Continue reading


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Checking in…

Well, I observed, observed, observed, as promised. So, here are some early reflections on my two weeks of pondering setting up a community feast in Ratho

1.  People are kind. I actually already knew this (clever me, eh?!) but it really is starker when you are nervous about something and everyone is supportive and lovely about it. Messages of support came via Facebook, from friends in the village, and in the response of the local Community Development Worker. Continue reading


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The Science of Happiness…

Back in July, I found myself sitting at “a table for one at the Gratitude Cafe“.  Remember that?  I’ve been particularly interested in the idea of intentionally sending my gratitude out to people in my life whom I love dearly and/or have the opportunity to meet and form relationships with.  I know this is important to me and I know that it has profoundly affected my life in positive ways. Continue reading


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“From Fear to Initiation: My Quest for Connection” by Christy Tweedy

This week we are proud to host, for the first time as a guest blogger on this space, Christy Tweedy.  Christy is a member of our organization here in San Diego, helping people build sustainable, inclusive communities as well as building that same sustainability in her own neighborhood.  She is also just a downright wonderful human being!  Enjoy her musings… Continue reading


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Places of Goodness

As mentioned, last month, I made my annual journey to the Toronto Summer Institute.  One of the many great lessons learned smacked me across my face via friend and colleague Tim Vogt.  I’ll get to Tim in a bit. (By the way, if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to read the blog Tim hosts, you must!  It is fabulous. www.cincibility.wordpress.com)  We spent 3 days together in a module hosted by Connie Lyle O’Brien and Lynda Kahn, centered around the idea of isolation.  Our group, about 12 people each day, shared personal stories of not belonging, feeling isolated and about friends and family members experiencing these feelings.  We shared how we actually may be contributing to isolation, entering into a vulnerability where support and real ideas emerged. Continue reading


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I have been lucky to make some lovely new friends during pregnancy and early parenthood; a little network of people who are sharing similar experiences at the same time as us. One of the most special new friendships is with Ivy, whom I met when we both started a pregnancy yoga class on the same day. Her beautiful baby Skye is less than two months older than our wee Findlay and I am so glad that our sons will have the opportunity to become friends. I knew straight away that I would like Ivy, but it took time and circumstance to learn just how remarkably in tune our attitudes are with one another, and how many deeply held values we share.

Ivy writes a blog and I would like to share with you a piece that she has written. Her message to her son celebrates individuality and courage, and – ultimately – community. There are indeed many people who live in fear. But there are many others who live with courage, mutual delight, and open hearts. There are many strong friendships awaiting Skye, and a network of people who are excited to share your journey. Ivy, Ryan, and Skye, we love you!

Enjoy Ivy’s beautiful writing, and this wonderful message:


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Table for one at the Gratitude Cafe…

Highway 101 just outside Santa Barbara...

Highway 101 just outside Santa Barbara…

Driving down Highway 101 from Santa Barbara to San Diego early Sunday morning, along the familiar coastline I’ve traveled seemingly all my life, a line from Jason Mraz passes through the speakers in the car:  “I keep my life on a heavy rotation, requesting that it’s lifting you up, up, up and away…and over to a table at the Gratitude Cafe.”  This analogy of placing yourself into a metaphorical space to be mindful of your gratitude for life, resonates deeply. Continue reading


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Deepening Connection (a surprise post for Kirk!)

Kirk and I often write here about the kind of connection one might find at the beginning of a relationship; where neighbours reach out to one another or communities create contexts for citizens to meet. Today I want to write about those connections becoming deeper. I want to write about friendship.


With beer

It has been several months since I posted in this blog. I have been on maternity leave while Kirk holds the fort. Because of his generosity Continue reading


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