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Lessons learned from the chaos of the ceilidh

Some of you will know that it was my sister’s wedding celebration on Saturday night. Indeed, some of you were there! The celebration took place in the town where my parents live, in the beautiful Scottish Borders. But I would say only about 20% of the guests live in Scotland; the rest travelled – mostly from England, a couple from the Netherlands.

The party took the form of a ceilidh. For those of you not versed in this Scottish tradition, a modern ceilidh (pronounced “Kay-lee”) is an evening of Scottish Country Dancing. All over Scotland, we learn these dances at school during P.E./ gym lessons. I hated being forced to hold hands with horrible boys, despite loving the dances and even attending the odd evening Scottish Country Dancing class with my mum. I don’t mind holding hands with boys now (well, maybe except for the horrible ones) and my love of the ceilidh has only deepened over the years. Continue reading



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