The Gathering…

Stone Soup

Stone Soup

I’m blessed to have happened across a global community of colleagues, friends and loved ones 4 years ago at the Toronto Summer Institute. This year, along with Chris Lee, Sheldon Schwitek, Peter Leidy, Beth Gallagher, Michelle Schwartz IMG_1153

Preparations begin...

Preparations begin…

and about 60 people in attendance at this years Toronto Summer Institute gathered in the spirit of hospitality at the 519 Community Centre for a meal that surpasses words and all emotion.  The energy of the evening carried us into conversation, connection, insight and love.  It is with this spirit of hospitality, that Chuck Shuman offered his words and roved around asking for reflections from others in attendance.  We share them below.  Big love to all people who helped pull this evening off!

Chris holds space...

Chris holds space…

From Chuck:  “Reflections on tonight’s dinner. What a terrific event tonight. The entire concept of a large group having a meal together, while not a new concept by any means, was nonetheless a refreshing and energetic experience. The venue was an interesting building with a history in Toronto. We sat at the biggest table I have ever seen. Seating for 70!

One table...

One table…

The conversation was exciting and everyone had a great time. The story about the magic soup stone told by Jeanette kept us all entertained and enriched the experience of having soup for the community. IMG_1191

Fabulous food and company...

Fabulous food and company…

Speaking of soup, the gazpacho was fantastic and home cooked. It was the will and effort of many to further bind our shared experience and stay true to the community building philosophy  of those in attendance.”

“Some representative feedback follows:

Family style
Abundant, good stuff
Off the hook, sweet
In tandem to other experience
Left over

Thank you...

Thank you…



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4 responses to “The Gathering…

  1. Ahhhhh this is fantastic!!!!! What a wonderful story, and this is just the beginning of y’all’s time together! I would say I wish i could be there, but I’m here and that’s OK, and seeing the pictures of everyone I had a chance to meet last year at TSI warms my heart and strengthens my life somewhere very deep. Thank you, thank you Kirk for capturing this one of what I know will be MANY powerful gatherings, large and small, during TSI. Please give my love to everyone, if you remember!!!

    p.s. Mmmm soup!

    -April, repping TSI in Indy 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing so vividly!- I can almost taste the soup and definitely can taste the community! The Institute is now on my bucket list… 🙂

  3. Thanks for the love April! You are sorely missed. I’m channeling my inner April and trying to voraciously photo document and write about every bit of this experience…send your tenacity my way!


  4. Amazing turn out. I miss everyone! You’re making big waves by just being you, Captain.

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