We Can Take Care Of Each Other

Several people over the past year have recommended a documentary titled “Craigslist Joe” and said “you’ll love it.”  Well…all of those people were correct.  I’ve linked in the trailer to this film here and would like to share my thoughts and recommendations on it.


Using the very thing Joe identifies could be the culprit to our growing isolation from each other, technology, he travels across the country with empty pockets and erases all of his contacts from his phone.  He arms himself solely with his computer and a phone to reach out to people who ‘live’ on Craigslist.  His search is for community, humanity, peace and kinship.  What he finds is all of these…he finds love.  This movie brings me renewed hope. I’m blessed to be in relationship with people all over the world, and hear amazing stories of what is happening in local communities.  Joe sheds a warm light on the power and vulnerability of “asking”, something we posted about here a few months back, with Amanda Palmer’s TED talk about the Art of Asking.


This film filled me with laughter and tears.  This film reminds me that we can take care of each other, and the reciprocity involved will save us from the cynical energy permeating through our society.  I believe it will crush the cynicism actually.  Give the trailer a quick look and I dare you not to watch the entire film…

Be well friends!


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