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From time to time here on this space, posts on other fantastic blogs, pieces written by amazingly gifted people, the question of whether social media facilitates more connection or more disconnection, is raised.  As a blogger, and someone who leans toward the side of ‘more connection’, I utilize social media for what I perceive to be ‘good’.

Albert and Madalyn

Albert and Madalyn

In our constant quest for how to be open to welcoming people into our lives, as a specific practice, we find ourselves looking for new and creative ways to do so.  So I want to share with you all an incredible example of the use of social media happening here in San Diego.  A while back, a long-time friend of my wife Jody came back into her, and our family’s life.  Albert Reed is a local man, born and raised in San Diego, husband and father of 3 beautiful girls, and downright outstanding human being.  Though he is a friend of Jody’s past, he and I have happened across a synergistic relationship.  We simply meet up for the occasional coffee and let the conversation emerge as we wander through streets and emotions together.  What I’ve come to realize time and again, as if I didn’t already know this,  is that people are walking gifts…teachers of their own experience, values, ethos and humanity.  Albert is the perfect example of this.  So what is this brilliant use of social media I alluded to?

Albert created a FaceBook page he calls The Ramble:


“The Ramble is our virtual village. It is a integrative approach to Community building. Our Community can only be as considerate, creative, generous, honest, open-minded, productive, self-aware, and vibrant as its participants. We ask that you assist us in maintaining the integrity of and in developing our village.”

Ramble Kids

Ramble Kids

I encourage all of you to click on this link and take a look at what Albert is facilitating.  Talk about using social media for ‘good’?! This is OUTSTANDING!! It warms my soul that people walk this earth with intentions set on just being with each other and providing a space for people to connect in such an open manner.  The argument against the likes of Facebook are that it may take away from our physical connections with one another, and yes, it can be a time consuming vortex.  However, the manner with which it can be used, (getting blogs out, messages of love, connections with friends across the world, etc.) especially with pages such as The Ramble, can and does invite opportunity for people to be with one another…in the flesh.



When I asked Albert for his blessing to share his Ramble page, this is the response I got:   “I’m honored that you’d ask,  however, you do not need my permission to partake of or do with what is just as much yours, and anyone else’s, as it is mine.”

Thank you Albert…for the gift you and your family are, and for utilizing social media for good!!!

Be well friends…

Ramble On

Ramble On



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