Big Ideas, Can Come In Small Packages…

Back in late February, while traveling through the state of Wisconsin, our friend Peter Leidy ( welcomed my usual traveling partner, Beth Gallagher, and I into his home.



Along with his beautiful wife Betsy, Peter welcomed us not only into his home, but into his neighborhood, walking to local establishments, talking with people he and Betsy clearly have strong connections with, and beaming with pride about the place in which he lives.  The hospitality we experienced ranged from playing frisbee on frozen Lake Monona,

Frisbee anyone?

Frisbee anyone?

to indulging in cheese curds over an adult beverage at the local watering hole, to eating homemade blueberry pancakes (which Betsy made Gluten Free to accommodate my new dietary development).



Amongst the many great ideas Peter is putting into practice in his community, is the Little Free Library. This grassroots movement is spreading all across North America in communities both small and large.  It is a wonderful little way to welcome conversation, learning and cooperation.  In Peter’s case, just the story of how he engaged neighbors in the fabrication of the library itself, the installation of the post into the ground and the placement of the library on the Little-Free-Libraryproperty line with his neighbor (so as to share the experience) is a testament to connecting with folks around you.  He had someone build it.  He had someone decorate it.

Cool mosaic...

Cool mosaic…

He had someone help with installing a light that comes on at night inside, connected to the lights on the steps leading up to his porch.  It took a community of people to put together this Little Free Library.  Now  that communal effort invites citizens living in his community to stop, take a book, leave a book and potentially spark up a conversation with Peter and his neighbor about the library itself.  It is a simple thing, a small invitation, yet it reaches people in a way that fosters learning, sharing and warmth.

See more at and check out this short video:

Be well friends…


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